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Journal articles

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    * Indicates co-first authorship

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Book Chapters

  • Norman, K. A., Quamme, J.R., Newman, E.L. (2009). Multivariate methods for tracking cognitive states. In F. Rösler, C. Ranganath, B. Röder, & R. H. Kluwe (Eds.), Neuroimaging in Human Memory: Linking cognitive processes to neural systems. New York: Oxford University Press.

Selected Conference Abstracts

  • Newman, E. L., Gillet, S. N., Climer, J. R., Hasselmo, M. E. (2013) Falling on deaf ears: gamma generation impaired following systemic administration of the cholinergic antagonist scopolamine in rats. 11th Annual Alzheimer’s Disease Research Day, Boston University.

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